Use the list below to access LIMITED (Sample) Registered Owner information organized by Year and Body Style. To obtain access to all features of the Owners List . . .

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If you are not familiar with body codes, click on the YEAR above each column to view the Body Code Key. Owner information is placed here automatically when you register using the REGISTRY page.

'60 '61 '62 '63 '63+ '64 '65 '66 '67 '68 '69 '70 '70+
58A 58A 58A 54A 63C 54A 54A 54A 54A 54A 54A 54A 54A
59A 59A 59A 54B 76B 54B 54B 54B 54B 54B 54B 54B 62A
64A 64A 62C 59A 54D 54D 62A 62A 62A 62A 62A 71D
66A 64A 64A 59B 59A 59A 62B 62B 62B 62B 62B
71A 64C 64C 62A 62A 62A 62C 62C 62C 62C 71A
66A 66A 62B 62B 62B 66A 71A 71A 71A 71B
71A 71A 62C 62C 62D 66B 71B 71B 71B
78A 71B 63B 62D 63B 66D
78A 63C 63B 63C 71A
66A 63C 63D 71B
66B 63D 66A
71A 63E 66B
71B 63H 66G
71C 66A 66H
71D 66B 71A
76A 66H 71B
76B 71A 71C
78A 71B 76A
78B 71C 76B
76A 76D
76B 78A
76D 78B
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