This section contains an organized listing (by year and model) of over 3,147+ Ford Falcon owners. This helps you determine how rare your model might be and who still owns the Falcons that are still out there. General data about your car is displayed for other owners to compare against your data. This is most comprehensive list of Falcon Owners available online. Any Falcon owner who comes to this site may register their car into the Registry.

Owners List

This section is a categorized list of Falcon Owners who have come to the site and registered their Falcons here. The list is constantly being added to and updated when an owner sells their car to someone else.


This section is the most comprehensive collection of Ford Falcon images available ANYWHERE. Over 11,000+ images and counting of every year, model, and trim level produced. This includes Exterior, Interior, Trunk, Engine compartment images etc. An invaluable restoration resource. I am constantly adding images from car shows; user submitted photos as well as other resources.

Data Plate Decoders

The Ford Falcon Data Plate / VIN Decoders out there are for the most part, are limited in functionality and accuracy. My data plate decoder decodes ALL U.S.A. made Falcon models with accuracy. The program I designed that decodes a Falcon turned out to be very complicated and has turned out to be more accurate than the original Ford Manuals. I take into account the mid-year changes that Ford made for various models that didnít make it into the Ford manuals. With over 15,000+ decodes performed to date, it is the most accurate decoder available for your Falcon, guaranteed.

Technical Library

This section is a valuable restoration and nostalgia resource for your Ford Falcon. Find out how many Falcons matching your model interest were produced. Production statistics, Model information, Engine Specifications, Paint Chip Charts, a vast collection of Original Sales Brochures, Ownerís Manuals, original magazine ads, Shop Manual sections and Ford Part Manual Illustrations. I have an extensive collection of Falcon literature that I have purchased over the years that is included here. The library is always being added to. Check back often!

Falcon Forums

This is my Ford Falcon message board where you can discuss, ask a question or share stories about your Falcon, itís restoration or other topics related to the Falcon hobby.

Swap Meet

This area is a place where you can Sell or Buy Falcon Cars and/or Parts. Members can SELL as many items as you need during for as long as you need it For Sale. Non-members that visit the site may only BUY items listed. You can use the 1-Day access to sell a car or item for as long as you need it here.


The Parts section contains customized Ebay search links so you can shop for the car or parts you need. In this section, you may also find a link list of Falcon Part suppliers, and FCA Club information.


The History section is contains a Model Year Timeline, a Development Timeline and other interesting historical Falcon Facts.

Complimentary Membership Offer

If you have something that I could add to the Registry, I could offer you a complimentary membership. If you have a brochure, owners manual, ad or some other interesting thing that would benefit the Falcon community, just email me at falcon_reg@yahoo.com and let me know what you can offer.

I know you will enjoy the Falcon Registry as much as I do. I am its most frequent user and so I take great pride in every page. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do!

If you have any questions concerning membership prior to joining the registry, feel free to email me at:



Jon Shuppy
Ford Falcon Registry
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