Is your Falcon's Data Plate missing from your drivers side door jamb? Maybe, all that you have is a VIN code (Warranty Number) from your title? I can help! I provide a service to help you gather the codes needed to recreate a Data Plate or to just know the original information that was on the Data Plate.

The VIN code only contains the following limited info about your Falcon:

Model Year - Build Plant - Body Style - Engine - Unit Code

The Data Plate provides the following additional information:

Body Type - Paint - Interior Trim - Build Date - DSO - Axle Ratio - Trans

I can determine your lost Data Plate codes by asking questions and seeing images of your car. I can even determine your Build Date and DSO codes with high accuracy in most cases!

If you desire this service, I charge a fee of $25 per VIN -> Data Plate decipher.

Disclaimer: Determining all of your car's original data plate codes depends upon the level of originality that your Falcon is currently in. If previous owners have replaced the engine, transmission and rear-end, these codes could be more difficult to determine. I cannot guarantee that I can determine all of the data plate codes. That being said, I have successfully provided this information to dozens of owners with 100% accuracy.

To get started, just pay the $25 fee using the PayPal button below. After your payment is sent, you will be directed to a page to fill out some initial information and I will get crackin' on your VIN -> Data Plate decipher!

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