Ford Light Car Project developed 7 pilot model on wheelbases from 97" to 101".

Earle S. MacPherson was appointed chief engineer of Chevrolet Cadet project.

Robert S MacNamara was made Assistant General Manager of Ford Division. He immediately appointed a market Research Unit to study who was buying the Volkswagon and why.

Ford management was firmly convinced that a car sized between the Volkswagon and the standard Ford could be successfully marketed.

- March: Ford Motor Company committed itself to build the Falcon.
  A low weight six cylinder OHV engine was developed for the Falcon.
- November: Ford President, E. R. Breech, announced to Ford management that the optimum economy car
  appeared to be the 2,400 pound car with a six cylinder engine.

- Summer: Falcon clay model finalized and accepted by Ford managment.
- Fredrick J. Hooven (1905-1985) was appointed chief engineer for Falcon development. The project was the
  "90-Day Wonder" and was his pride and joy as an example of successful design engineering.

- February: The New York Times published an article about the Ford XK-Thunderbird project.
- May 21: Henry Ford II announced the Falcon Project at a Ford stockholders meeting.
  The first non-prototype Falcons assembled at the Ford Pilot Assembly Plant.
- September 9: The 1960 Falcon was released to the press.
- September 10: 14 Falcons with experienced endurance drivers began covering every mile of Federally   numbered highways in the continental United States.
- October 2: The 1960 Corvair arrived at dealer showrooms.
- October 3: The 1960 Falcon made its public debut.
- October 29: Plymouth's 1960 Valiant goes on public display.
- November: Falcon sales take off and Falcon soon becomes "King Of The Compacts."

- Winter: Falcon Station Wagons introduced.
- Spring: 1960 Ranchero introduced.
- September 25: 1961 Falcon line introduced. It included the 170 inch engine and the Econoline utility vehicles.
- December: Robert S. MacNamary left Ford to become Secretary of Defence. The Falcon lost its strong   backing.

- Early: The Falcon Sedan Delivery was introduced.
- April 9: 1961 Futura introduced to combat [Corvair] Monza Coupe sales.
- September 19: 1962 Falcon line introduced.

- February 14: 1962 Sports Futura with four speed transmission introduced.
- September 11: 1963 Falcon line introduced, including Falcon convertible.

- February: 1963 1/2 Falcons introduced. Included 260-V8, hardtops, and the Sprint line.
- July: Last 1963 1/2 Falcons produced. Dies shipped to Argentina.

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